Surgery Hours
Opening Hours
Warders Medical Centre, Tonbridge

Monday to Friday:
8:20am – 6:30pm


Penshurst Surgery

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday:
8:20am – 12:30pm, and 4:00pm-6:30pm

8:20am – 12:30pm

Consulting Times
Warders Medical Centre, Tonbridge

Monday to Friday:
8:20am – 11:30am
2:50pm - 6:20pm

Extended Hours

We also provide three late surgeries per week on monday, tuesday and thursday evenings until 7.30pm.

Penshurst Surgery

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday:
Mornings and afternoons: 8:20am – 10:30am,
and 4:30pm - 6:30pm

Mornings only: 8:20am - 11:00am

How to see your Doctor
Our aim is to deal with today’s problems today, and also reduce the numbers of patients not attending . For doctor’s appointments, where possible, it is helpful if you phone on the day you need to be seen, rather than booking ahead. You may be asked whether you think one of our practice nurses can help or whether it would be helpful to arrange to speak to the doctor or nurse on the telephone. We can pre-book a number of appointments. This system has been introduced to cut down on waiting times and offer a better quality service.

Advice on the Phone
You may feel that a problem could be solved by a brief telephone conversation with your doctor. This can be helpful to both you and your doctor and it puts less pressure on busy surgeries. Please make an appointment for a telephone consultation and your doctor will ring you. Sometimes speaking at the reception desk to arrange family planning appointments or asking for test results can be embarrassing. To avoid this, it is a good idea to ring the surgery in the afternoons, when it is less busy.PLEASE NOTE ALL TELEPHONE CALLS ARE RECORDED
Home Visits
It is really helpful if requests for home visits can be made before 10.00am. Please give the receptionist brief details of your illness so that the doctor can assess the order of priority of his visits when on rounds.
Out of Hours problems
To seek urgent advice or request a home visit at night or at weekends ring: 08451 552255 (Out of Hours on Call Service) or NHS Direct on 0845 4647.
Sickness Certificate
You do not require a doctor’s certificate for any illness lasting seven days or less. Your employer however, may require you to complete a ‘Self Certificate’ which you can obtain either from your employer or local DSS Office, (it is not obligatory to see a doctor for this). After the seventh day you will need a doctor’s certificate and you need to be seen by your doctor. Private certificates for claiming benefit for private health insurance for BUPA/PPP claims etc., and certificates for HGV/PSV licences and for various sporting bodies can be provided. A fee is chargeable for these items at the BMA recommended rates.
Access for the Disabled (Warders Medical Centre, Tonbridge)
There is dedicated parking for the disabled and wheelchair access via our main entrance. There are also toilet facilities for the disabled and ground floor consulting space. We would welcome comments and suggestions for improving our facilities.
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